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  As you might already know, I'm Joseph Tanhi ! I'm Joseph. To tell you more about myself, after completing my O-levels, I proceed to take up A-levels at Yishun Junior College. Lucky me,  I managed to complete my A-levels (phew !) with a satisfactory result. Below is the crest of my college. Feel free to visit YJC's webpage.

Yishun Junior College

   After 2 years of college life, every guy goes through the same fate; serving National Service. Initially it's kinda boring coz could go home only during the weekends. But as the days and nights go by, life becomes a routine and we got used to it.

I was posted to be a Military Policeman and I would say that the job is interesting as we were exposed to all kinds of people. In addition, we are faced with new challenges that awaits us as we continue to handle more people.

After 21/2 years of  National Service, life seems to have taken a short detour. After this, I  resumed my identity as a student, carrying textbooks and notes instead of handcuffs and weapons. To all my campmates, it's nice to work with you people and hopefully all goes well for your future endeavors. Take care guys... ...


As for my free time? I like to go window shopping, sleep(Zzzzz) and log onto the net to see how people design their home page.  Also, I am working as a part-time server in the world's 1st Snoopy Theme Restaurant, Snoopy Place Restaurant. Okie, here is an advertising for my company~!

That's All Folks... ...~!