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nternet Explorer 4 Tips

ÿ  Your "Search Button" on IE4 links you to a search engine at Microsoft.
If you want to link it to a favourite search site of yours, say "Yahoo Search", then follow the following steps:

1) Go to Window and look for RegEdit, double click on it.
2) On the left frame, click on

3) On the right frame, double click on "SEARCH BAR"
4) Type the URL of your favourite search engine, eg: Ya, that's it!!
Close the RegEdit window and go and test your "Search Button" now!!

ÿ Using Microsoft's Internet Mail, there is a way of removing those little arrows we so often see when you send forwarded or replied mail.
If you're interested in removing them for the sake of your mailing frens:

1. Go to 'Mail'.
2. Then select 'Options'.
3. Uncheck 'Indent the original text....' box.

ÿ After you bookmark your favourite site, you often forget how the site looks like?
Well, you can set up Thumbnail view in  IE4 to view your bookmark site.

1. On the favourite menu, click "Organise favourites".
2. Right click on the FLODER that you wish to see it's contents in Thumbnail view.
3. A pop up menu appears, click "Properties". Properties box will appear next.
4. On the bottom of the properties box, click "Enable Thumbnail View".
5. Click ok.

1. On the favourite menu, click "Organise favourites".
2. Double click the FOLDER that you had just done the set up.
3. Right click on any BLANK SPACE inside this folder.
4. A pop up menu appears.
5. Point to "View" and select "Thumbnail"
6. There you are, all your bookmark now shows the 1st page of the site!!

 If your thumbnail don't show up or after doing that you add new bookmark, do as follows:

1. Repeat steps 1 to 5 under VIEW THUMBNAIL
2. Right click ON THE BOOKMARK that does not show it's thumbnail, a pop up menu appears.
3. Select "Refresh Thumbnail" and wait for it to garter information from the web.

ÿ To go back to places you had just visited, you no longer need to click the BACK button 5 times to go back to the page you were at previously.

1. Just click on the arrow next to the BACK button and a drop down list of sites you previously visited will be displayed.

 ÿ To go back to places you had visited recetly, you don't have to type the full URL again.

1. IE 4 is smart enough to guess the URL after you had entered the 1st few characters of the URL.
2. IE4 is also smart enough to put in the letters: " http:// " for every URL. So you don't have to key in " http:// " next time!!

ÿ You can "Subscribe" to a page when you add bookmark to your favourites. Don't worry, you do not need to pay a single cent. "Subscribe" means to inform you of any changes of the web site such as update of the website by the webmaster.

1. When you click "Favourite", "Add to favourite", you are then given 3 options:

When you select the 3rd option, all files (gif, jpg, HTML) pertaining to this page will be downloaded to your local drive.

If you run out of disk space, I advise you not to choose this option. If you like to delete all the files (gif, jpg, HTML) of the subscribed page, do as follows:

1. Go to window explorer, click on "Window" directory
2. Look for the "SUBSCRIPTION" folder.
3. Double click this folder and when you are inside this folder, you may choose to delete whichever files you don't want.


1. Click on your bookmark, choose "Organise favourites"
2. Right click on the bookmark that you wish to unsubscribe and a pop up menu appears.
3. Select "UNSUBSCRIBE" . Click OK to confirm.