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Present From Bi   Gate!!

1) Open a new WORD Document and type the words "love her"
2) Highlight the words "love her" and then press shift + f7

 Look what Microsoft WORD says to replace with....!
3) Now choose replace button.
4) Now again highlight the phrase again and press shift + f7

 See yourself what it says...?

1. Open a blank worksheet in Excel 97
2. press F5
3. In ref box, type "X97:L97" (without the quotes)
4. OK
5. TAB once (leaves you at box,  M97)
6. Hold down ctrl & shift while clicking on chart wizard icon surprise!

You're in Flight Simulator!
Left button = accelerate, right button = decelerate, use mouse to steer.
To end ctrl/shift/esc
and you wondered why these programs were so damn big.
(Free gift from Microsoft???)

Note: This only works for Excel 97
Should you strike any error, please CLOSE Excel 97 and try again.

  1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word
2. Type "Unable to follow directions" (without the quotes)
3. Highlight the entire sentence you just typed (drag across the sentence)
4. Click Tools; Language ; Thesaurus (or hit shift-F7 to open the thesaurus), and check out the suggested replacement.

1. Type zzzz in "Microsoft Word"
2. select the word (the 4 Zs)
3. press F7 (word check)
4. Surprise?? heheheh now u know what's on Bill Gate's mind all day long!!

  1. Open a new Word document
2. From the Tools Menu, select 'language'
3. Choose English (United States)
4. In the document, type  'I'd like to see Bill Gates dead' (without the quotes)
5. Highlight the  sentence, and consult the thesaurus.