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Hi hi here is something about me, just in case you wanna know who am I!!?? Well I'am sure you know that


Currently still schooling


Frankly speaking, Economics is an interesting subject, But when it comes to examination, Nothing is interesting anymore! Here is an 

Hmmmm... ... are you so insensitive towards others?? Well I guess you know as much that I am 

hmmmm don ask me why I took these subjects, coz I also donno why !! Except that I loved Econs !! Ok I am sure you will not be interested 

right? hehehehe Normally, I just like to log on to the net to look for new stuffs 

Coz they are interesting an help me to do a better web page! Ehh.. anyone out there wants to advertise in this page, Feel free to mail me your URL!! Hmmm regarding other things about me, follow this button and there are 

about me! Finally, 

for visiting my homepage Hope that this trip here is a fruitful one for you! Alternatively, please visit my other 2 homepages By following 

To see what I have in store for you!!    Ok here is an advertising for my 

Wilson Ng
Frank New