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etscape 4 Tips

Sorry, nothing much for Netscape as I had switch to the usage of IE.

1 To go back to places you had just visited, you no longer need to click the BACK button 5 times to go back to the page you were at previously.
1. Just click on the BACK button and  hold it down.
2. A  drop down list of sites you previously visited will be displayed.

To go back to places you had visited recently, you don't have to type the full URL again.
1. Netscape 4 is smart enough to guess the URL after you had entered the 1st few characters of the URL.
2. Netscape 4 is also smart enough to put in the letters: " http:// " for every URL. So you don't have to key in " http:// " next time!!


1 Press Ctrl-Alt-S to hide the status bar at the bottom of the Netscape
Communicator browser window. This gives you a little more room to view the proceedings-screen. When you want the status bar back, just press Ctrl-Alt-S again.