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Tink Wik
Tinky Winky His Red Handbag: This handbag is rather interesting and maybe even magical. Despite being an average size handbag, it can hold Po's scooter, Dipsy's hat AND Laa Laa's Ball all at the same time!

About Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky is the tallest of the Teletubbies. We often see him skipping around Teletubbyland, sometimes talking or singing to himself or holding his red handbag. Tinky Winky is somewhat clumsy, he tends to fall over a lot. We often see him doing silly things like falling in puddles or falling over and rolling down the hills in Teletubbyland.

ipsyAbout Dipsy: is the second tallest Teletubby.  He can be seen dancing around Teletubbyland wearing his black and white hat. Dipsy can be clumsy at times, he sometimes accidentally spilled his Tubby Custard on his seat at the table, leaving noonoo to clear the mess.

Laa Laa in her tutuAbout Laa Laa: Laa Laa is the second smallest Teletubby. She's very sweet. She can be seen running around Teletubbyland bouncing her big orange ball, which she very kindly shares with her Teletubby friends.

Sometimes we even see her wearing the Teletubby Tutu or skipping around singing to herself - "Laa la la".  Laa Laa loves to sing and dance!!

PAbout Po: Po is the smallest Teletubby and she is endlessly amused by the world around her. Po has a very soft, young sounding voice of a child. She is the only Teletubby to have any sort of vehicle and she uses that to her full advantage, riding her little red scooter across all the hills and valleys of Teletubbyland.

When Po rides her scooter, she sometime sings "Fai di, Fai di", which actually means "Quick, quick" in Cantonese!!

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