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Joseph's Welcome to teletubbies FAQFAQs

What sex and color are the Teletubbies? 

Tinky Winky(purple) and Dipsy(green) are male
Laa Laa(yellow) and Po(red) are female

Things associated with the teletubbies. 
  • Tinky Winky carries a handbag    (Althought he is a guy!). 
  • Dipsy wears a hat. 
  • Laa Laa plays with a big orange ball. 
  • Po rides a scooter. 
  • They have a vacuum clearner known as Noonoo
  • Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard are their favourite food. Tubby Toast
Why does Po speak Cantonese? 

Teletubbies is for all children, many of whom grow up speaking more than one language. 

Po can speak Cantonese and enjoys using this language as well as English. 

Po sometimes sings this song when she rides her scooter. 

"Beep beep, Fi-dit, Fi-dit…." (fast) or "Man, Man….."(slow). 
They are English transcriptions of Cantonese. 

Po sometimes counts in Cantonese "Ya, Yi, Sum, Sae…." (1,2,3,4….) 

Fai di, Fai di !! 
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